Mysterious guest , Lil Peanut …

Last night , mother and myself woke up in the middle of the night once again hearing a pup crying . This was constant two nights. The next morning again we started our regular chores. Whilst having lunch together  my brother mentioned too he noticed this since last two nights. We knew that in our neighborhood someone must have forcefully kept the pup alone outside the house . Surely separated by the mother. People here where I stay in village are mostly less.affectionate.towards animals . They have a pet for just the heck of it . The children just force parents to get a pup or kitten so that they can play with it whilst they are young , fiddle with it unwanted. Pull their tales or drop them . Once the pup gets growing he is treated with all the more disinterest.
So brother,mother and myself had this small lil lunch conversation . Very much like just others. Let it go .
The next morning as we opened the door . We see this tiny lil pup sleeping at our doorstep . He had torn the stain belt , struggled two nights and managed to run away . All that we astonished was , why our home only. He didn’t go anywhere else.
In an hour , seen someone searching for him. The lady said it was someone in the neighbourhood. I handed over . Within an hour , he was back at our door. This time , we didn’t bother to give him or ask who is he owner. As this lil one managed to find his own owner.


We named him. “Peanut”
I wish Peanut doesn’t miss his mother and we manage to keep him happy.


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